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' Dogs '
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     Limited Edition Prints ( run of 95 ) or Artist Proofs ( A/P, run of 10 ) £59.
     FREE delivery to UK see ordering page.

'Two Little Lurchers' L/E

'Two Cats' ' L/E.....alright i know these aren't dogs, lol.

'Coco and Jasper'


snow dog by al hayball


'Windswept Tilly'


'My Better Half'

the hound, bedlington, terrier, whippet,

'The Hound'




dog de bordeaux,

'Bruce, the Dogue de Bordeaux'

german pointer,

'Lazarus' -the German Pointer

whippet art

'Lurchers, Together' -A/P

'Smile Too' L/E

'Smiley Dog' 2019


italian spinone art

'Olive Too'

shitzu art

'Rosie' the Shih Tzu.


black lab art

'Old Bill'

'Tilly -Brown eyes'

'Snow-Dog'- (How it would looked framed. All prints are supplied unframed )

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